Previous Release – Version 6.5


  • Pinch zoom support for photos
  • Improved support for Plex, MediaTomb, and Serviio DLNA servers
  • Additional translations for Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Slovenian
  • Add the Google Plus “+1″ button

Bug Fixes:

  • Some customers are seeing the in-app upgrade fail
  • On Google TV™ systems ensure the aVia Renderer is always available (if enabled)
  • Only index the selected media types when scanning a source via the “My Sources” page
  • Improved the default dates for the “By Date” feature
  • The SDCard is listed twice when browsing My Media / Folders on some devices
  • Music can’t be played for a few seconds after using aVia to delete a file
  • Deleting an off-line DLNA source sometimes fails
  • When indexing a source from the “My Sources” page there is no indication if a scan returned no results
  • DLNA thumbnails jump from a default icon to the correct icon when loading
  • Crash on Google TV™ devices when switching from wifi to ethernet
  • Other bug fixes